The First Two P’s of Broken Marketing

marketing is broken - how do we fix it

What do marketers need in order to reconnect with customers and not be looked upon as excess luggage. Why marketing is broken.

Putting Customer First in Practice: a Humble Example

listening and asking the right questions

A case of putting the customer first. It can be easy but are you ready and open enough to actually do it?

Five Cultural Reasons Marketers Fail to Keep Up with Consumers

customer disconnect

The road to purchase consists of a multitude of touchpoints. Why marketers fail to keep up with consumers.

Customer-Centric Marketing: Optimize and Integrate

Customer centric marketing

Have you noticed? Since the beginning of this year bloggers, experts, research companies and marketers are increasingly talking about cross-channel or channel-agnostic and customer-centric marketing. Finally. What we’ve always called integrated (touchpoint) marketing is back. Social media pundits tackle topics such as conversion and cross-channel strategies. SEO experts say search should be seen in an [...]

The Key Question Marketers Forget to Ask

What do your customers want

“What do we want to achieve and how will we achieve it?”. It is the question marketers (and managers) ask each time they consider launching a new project or solving a business question. Answering it is a must if you want to develop a proper strategy. Define the goals, analyze the best ways to achieve [...]

The Road to Revenue: Feel Your Customer and Facilitate the Buy

Kristin Zhivago

  Revenue Coach Kristin Zhivago, wrote a new book, called “Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy”. She sent me a review copy and when starting to read it, I immediately realized that she is spot-on with her book that spares us from fancy marketing theories but clearly shows [...]

B2B Blogging Trends 2011: Towards an Integrated Approach

In many organizations, blogs are still seen as almost separate entities. Several other organizations have no blog at all. The question, whether you need a blog or not depends on how customer-centric you want your business to be, how you want to be found in a very crowded online space and how you can use [...]

Social CRM: Social Media and Communities in Customer Relationship Management and Marketing

  Social CRM is a term that is often misused, certainly in a product and solution context. It’s also frequently narrowed down to specific customer-oriented activities such as customer service and even social media monitoring. It seems everyone is offering social CRM solutions these days.  However, social CRM is not about tools in the first [...]