Closed-Loop Marketing

Marketing services and solutions for customer-centric and connected businesses. Close the loop(s)!

Closing the loop - HubSpot

Closing the loop – HubSpot

A customer-centric and efficient marketing and business strategy requires an integrated and closed loop approach.

Automation, a single customer view, integration & cross-divisional processes are key to succeed. However, it is not about automation, strategy and marketing alone. Your business needs to offer great customer experiences across all touchpoints, both online and offline. Human interaction and automated flows, depending on the customer journey, go hand in hand. Conversionation offers consulting services to make all this happen in your business: from strategy to execution, regardless of channels.

Although success is about strategy, people, processes and the ability to execute in a consistent and efficient way, technology is important too. Conversionation has several technological partnerships to make closed loop and connected business a reality. We know how to integrate social, lead management, content, inbound, outbound, analytics, CRM, collaboration, sales and more.

What’s in it for you? Improved customer experiences, actionable insights, increased efficiency, real-time business and…results!

Closing the loop with HubSpot

HubSpotOne of our technological partners is HubSpot. HubSpot’s closed loop marketing enables you to track leads from their initial channel through a first conversion all the way to becoming a customer. This allows you to see which channels are most efficient and gives you actionable insight to make smart marketing investments. HubSpot provides most features businesses need,certainly when integrated with CRM and customer service systems.

Remember that the features you need depend on your business goals and ability to execute. This is why training, internal processes and consultancy are important. Whatever technology you choose: it is useless if you can’t…use it.

We are consultants and practitioners with a mission: making sure you get the strategies and tools your business and customers need and, once you have them, making sure they work as efficiently as possible…

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