The Digital Business Impact of Multifunction Device Consumer Adoption

multifunction devices

Will 2013 be the year of smartphones and multifunction devices in general? Will it be the year of mobile? Of course it will. However, the past years were the years of mobile and multifunction devices too and I expect so will the coming years. The use of multifunction devices, smartphones and tablets clearly continues to […]

The Connected Consumer: Who Are We Talking About?

connected consumer

The term ‘connected consumer’ pops up on virtually every blog that covers social media and digital marketing. As usual, the danger is that in the end everyone talks about something different when using the term. Furthermore, it’s important to understand the connected consumer and his connected customer journey if you want to serve him well. […]

Email Marketing: The Customer-Centric Culture Failure

Integration of email and social

Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Industry Census 2012 report shows email is still seen as a channel with a good return, with 70% of company respondents (thus, no agencies) saying ROI of email marketing is ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. Email ranks second after SEO, when it concerns reported ROI and this shouldn’t come as a surprise, just as […]

Social Media, Monitoring and Research: Opportunities and Risks


    On top of these platforms, more cross-channel oriented solutions and specialized surveying and research applications, enable us to listen to the voice of the customer on social media and across other interactions in a way we have never seen before. As Jim Sterne says: the customer is more visibile than ever. These findings […]

The Social Networks Your Organization Needs This Year

Facebook social network fans 2012

Socialbakers released an infographic a while back, providing an overview of the social networks that are important for organizations in 2012. The infographic is based on data that look at how some major brands and media companies do on the big social networks. It takes into account three different parameters. In a blog post on […]

Social and Digital in Belgium: Trends, Budgets and Challenges 2012

Evolution of digital marketing budgets Belgium 2012

  At the occasion of our latest Fusion Marketing Experience event in December, we joined forces with agency The Reference, to conduct a survey regarding the digital marketing evolutions in my home country, Belgium. The objective: give an overview of the landscape in Belgium in terms of budget, resource allocation, satisfaction, challenges and plans for […]