On Twitter and real life: some love and some tips #socialsong

Chuck Kent

It’s that time of the year. Some of us are taking a deserved break, others continue working because they have to or don’t celebrate Christmas and some do something else. I’m working on a few trainings regarding the use of some digital and social channels. Even if my message is to be channel-agnostic and think [...]

On Being Human: The Ties That Connect Us


Yesterday afternoon I felt happy. Then I learned my mother has cancer. I broke. I know what it is to be broken. If there’s one thing I can truly call myself an expert in, it’s the human psyche and how people break and get up. By experience . It’s no coincidence I do what I [...]

Word Of Mouth: Generosity and The Unexpected

doing the unexpected

Generosity is increasingly used as a word of mouth marketing tactic. Is there room in a business context for generosity that goes beyond the relational dimension and becomes the unexpected? Do you understand the needs of people if they are not expressed and detected? “Generosity is the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in [...]

I Hope Heaven Exists, Trey Pennington

In memoriam Trey Pennington

A tribute to Trey Pennington. It was an honor to have been inspired and touched by him. Dear Trey, I sent you a long mail end of June and replied to your many FB updates, hoping it could make a difference in the ocean of feelings and well-meant support at that time. We only got [...]

Marketing 3.0: How Marketing Gurus Catch Up With Old Realities

value based marketing philip kotler

  Last year, Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya and Iwan Setiawan published their book “Marketing 3.0: From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit”. It is essentially about how customers should not be looked upon as consumers but as “as complex, emotional, value-driven and multi-dimensional human beings”. Marketing 3.0, also known as human-centric marketing (or as [...]