Make Your Blog and Email Marketing Work Together

Bringing email and social together with RSS feeds

Sometimes we get so caught up just keeping our email programs running that we get tunnel vision.  We forget that email is an essential tool in the marketing toolbox, an ingredient in the marketing mix, and not a channel to be kept unto itself. There’s been plenty written about integrating email and social media (I […]

Dela Quist: Email Frequency and Unlocking the Brand Potential of Email

Dela Quist at the Conversionation Conference Brussels 2011

Dela Quist is a well-known name in the email marketing industry. With sometimes controversial views, he makes marketers think and that is always a good thing. Dela was a keynote speaker at the first edition of our Fusion Marketing Experience. In this interview Dela Quist shares his views on email frequency and the branding potential […]

Customer Engagement: the Role of Social Networks and Email

multichannel engagement

It will not come as a surprise that social media are increasingly being used for engaging customers. The findings of Econsultancy’s 2011 Customer Engagement report, in collaboration with cScape, indeed illustrate that social media are successful in creating customer engagement and are also being used more often to engage customers, a must for the customer-centric […]