Open Letter to the CxO: Can You Survive the Age of Integration and Collaboration?

Collaboration integration and people

Here’s the golden rule I always followed as an IT business guy, marketer, publisher and digital strategist: I only care about the customer of the customer. No matter how you look at it: no business can succeed if it doesn’t make sure that its customers can make their customers succeed. In the social era we [...]

Context Marketing: Beyond Inbound and Content


Everything evolves and so does marketing. Today, things evolve faster. The pace of change in the ways we think about marketing goes hand in hand with the pace of technological innovations. Unfortunately, we often forget that the essence never changes: it’s about goals, customers, touchpoints and context. The multiple contextual dimensions of an integrated and [...]

How to Earn Trust When Distrust Rules


Organizations have been facing a challenge for several years now: a lack of trust among people regarding what they say, the messages they spread and how they act. Relationships are based upon trust. Although the levels and types of trust are different, this goes for business relationships as well. Trust and reputation go hand in [...]

How to Unsuck at Personalization in Marketing


Regardless of the channels, many businesses still suck at personalization. Here’s why and how to unsuck.

The Power of Powerlessness: Let Go and Put the Customer First

Measure Act Adapt

People build their own, personal value systems. They decide what they like or not. Embrace it and adapt. Put the customer first.

The Road to Revenue: Feel Your Customer and Facilitate the Buy

Kristin Zhivago

  Revenue Coach Kristin Zhivago, wrote a new book, called “Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy”. She sent me a review copy and when starting to read it, I immediately realized that she is spot-on with her book that spares us from fancy marketing theories but clearly shows [...]

The Three Wise Monkeys Principle: How to Sabotage Your Business

Sand sculpture three wise monkeys Wikipedia

“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. We all know the three wise monkeys. Mizaru, who is covering his eyes in order to see no evil, Kikazaru, who hears no evil and Iwazaru, who speaks no evil. Covering the eyes, ears and mouth probably seemed like an easy and smart thing to do [...]