Tips, advice and courses to start, integrate and improve a conversion and marketing optimization strategy.

Optimize: a Holistic View of Content and Marketing Optimization

Optimize by Lee Odden

Lee Odden, the founder of online marketing agency TopRank and the widely acclaimed TopRank marketing blog, released his new book, “Optimize”. In an interview, Lee outlines some key takeaways of his book, that is yet another appeal for a more customer-centric and holistic (digital) marketing approach, this time around content marketing, social media and search […]

Always Be Optimizing: Don’t Forget Your Digital Marketing Crew

Always be optimizing

‘Always be closing’ has been the most famous sales phrase for decades. ‘Always be optimizing & improving’ should be more than a mantra for customer-centric marketers, they should show it by properly supporting their digital marketing teams. Integrated, customer-centric and cross-channel touchpoint marketing is about optimizing each contact moment. Furthermore, each touchpoint in the customer […]

Conversion Optimization Starts in the SERPs – and it never ends

Joost de Valk at the Conversionation Conference Antwerp 2011

After a keynote on content marketing and storytelling at the Fusion Marketing Experience Brussels, SEO expert Joost de Valk gave the attendees of the Antwerp edition a crash course in how conversion optimization starts in the search engine result pages (SERPs). We often forget it but the ways our businesses and brands are perceived, include […]

Take the Test: Can You Keep Up With Your Customers?

Bryan Eisenberg

In his first keynote at our Antwerp event this month, Bryan Eisenberg challenged the audience to think about the speed of business in his (online) marketing optimization fitness plan presentation. The pace of consumers has changed. Has that of your business as well? Can you keep up with your customers? Enter the marketing optimization fitness […]

Customer-centric Web Optimization: Focus on the Customer Top Tasks

Gerry McGovern

During the first of his two keynotes at our Antwerp event, Gerry McGovern showed why and how customer-centric businesses should focus on the top tasks of their website visitors and customers in general. Online customer-centricity in practice with a focus on intent, a key element of integrated touchpoint marketing. Identify your customer top tasks, remove […]