• http://twitter.com/johnclark00 John Clark

    Well put J-P. It seems that we have to be relevant in order to be effective. As the end user becomes ‘bored’ with a canned message, personalization or targeting gets them back…until they get bored again.

    • http://www.conversionation.net J-P De Clerck

      :) Not only targeting, segmenting and personalizing but allowing control as well and moving towards dynamic messaging and content, whereby the message depends on the trigger, input or interaction as it happens across channels. And then, marketing automation, behavioral triggers (in email and social but surely also on websites, blogs and other properties) and CRM come into play as well. But most of all: don’t bore them :) My wife will never get bored with promotions by online retailers ;) Psychology will start playing an increasing role also. Less messages, more gratification. Thanks for the comment.

  • http://www.alchemyworx.com Dela Quist

    Hi J-P hope all well with you – as always thank you for your kind words.

    I see that you just referred to this article again which has promted me to resond to one of your comments. You mention in this piece that “regardless of all the theories and debates, you can measure relevance, and it’s nephew engagement very well, also in email, social and the combination of both”. But you dont say how or give a benchmark anywhere in the article. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on that because like “Happiness” those 2 concepts are very subjective and i don’t think they can be measured in any meaningful way and as such cannot be goals. The definition of which generally includes the words specific and measurable I don’t think that.

    But you can easily measure revenue conversions downloads etc. so why don’t you recommend people focus on those? even if we could measure engagement or relevance on a scale of 1 (low) – 10 (high) all things being equal would you prefer a relevance score of 10 and sales of €$£ 50k or an engagement score of 4 and sales of $£€ 300k?

    Hope to see you soon

    • J-P De Clerck

      Hi Dela, very true points. Let’s measure what’s easiest to measure and express in proven metrics and KPIs first. I accept your challenge to tackle how relevance and engagement can be expressed in down-to-earth ways with much pleasure, although they are indeed subjective, like happiness is. The answer will be about cross-touchpoint metrics and optimization as it always is with me. Allow me to write a post about it and talk about it then indeed. In the end what interests me most from a campaign perspective involves investment (including costs of sales, cost of opportunity and hidden costs), NPV profit and net return, or in other words ROI but I am more than happy with the home work. Challenge accepted, Sir :) See you soon!

  • http://hi5mediagroup.com/ Belgium Social Media Maketing

    Any one who is investing time, money or energy in doing something would definitely think of what he is going to get in return. Because Business is all about ROI. ROI is not always calculated in terms of money but there are many other things that are rewarding. It depends from business to business and individual to individual. J-P we would look forward to your post as you have mentioned in your reply above. I am sure its going to be very much interesting!