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  • Rakesh Rai80

    Nice piece of information Clerck.

    • J-P De Clerck


  • Evert Jan Koning

    Excellent preso and thanks for sharing! But what does that mean for the motivation and the development of social brands?

  • Tim Watson

    Very much agree. I’ve long argued that mobile/smartphone is not a channel  but device.

    Nobody ever suggested the PC was a channel. The confusion is there are some channels that only a particular device supported orignally. Such as TV, Radio, FAX and post. The only ‘channel’ unique to the mobile is SMS.

    Devices will increasingly support multiple methods of communication. Such as voice, IM, email, social and so on.

    Marketing communciation will need to work across the different ways that users want to access it, depending on where they are, who they are and what they are doing.

    • J-P De Clerck

      Absolutely agree Tim. In fact, the same thing happened with social as well. Marketers often just don’t seem to want to learn and stick with their message-, product- and channel-centric mentality instead of a customer-, purpose- and goal-centric one.

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